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the art of akira kurosawa

Been working on comic stuff, not really ready to share that at the moment, so here's some paintings (preparatory work for the films Kagemusha, Ran, and Dreams) by Akira Kurosawa:

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"In Latin, Jehovah begins with an I...for impalement!"

Agent Jehovah's Witness has words with an Apple Bonker.

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martin van buren

One of these things is false:

--Martin Van Buren was the first President born an American citizen (all of his predecessors were born British subjects, before the Declaration of Independence).

--One of his nicknames was "The Little Magician".

--He was the first U.S. President not of British descent (his ancestors were Dutch).

--His great-grandfather was a Dutch fairy elf (known in Denmark as a "nisse"), from whom Van Buren inherited his terrible temper and insatiable appetite for porridge.