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from the cover to 2001 #4 (1976) by Jack Kirby (of course)

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andrew johnson

Fun Facts about Andrew Johnson:

1) The 17th President of the United States, Johnson was the first to be advanced to the office due to assassination.

2) Technically Johnson was an independent while he was President, though he was supported by the Democrats and later joined the Democratic party when he became a Senator (he is the only former President to serve in the Senate after leaving the Presidency).

3) Johnson was the first U.S. President to be impeached, though he was acquitted by a single vote in the Senate.

4) Andrew Johnson was actually a genetically-engineered hybrid created from the DNA of late 20th century actors Tommy Lee Jones and Gene Hackman in 2025--the Johnson hybrid was sent back in time to ensure that a paradox-free timeline would continue to progress normally; his existence is an example of a closed time loop.

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the 3rd of may 1808

By Francisco Goya. One of my favorite paintings. More about it here.