Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dax alienates everyone by talking about tennis

Today Roger Federer won Wimbledon, his record-setting 15th overall Grand Slam championship. The match against Andy Roddick lasted five sets, with a fifth set score of 16-14...

...see, at Wimbledon (and every Grand Slam tournament other than the U.S. Open) there's no tie-break rules for a fifth set once you get to 6-6, so the only way to win is to break the other opponent's serve and then serve out the match (i.e. win by two). So...a 16-14 fifth set in a championship final is pretty amazing.


Here's a close-up of my Lincoln painting...I think this bit looks really nifty blown up like this (click on it to make it super big and abstract-y):


Stewed Hamm said...

Tennis is awesome when the scores are like football games. It's also awesome when Jennifer Capriati is playing... but God doesn't love us enough to allow that anymore.

Dax said...

The last I remember of Capriati, she won a similar crazy last set against Martina Hingis at the Aussie Open final several years ago. It was like 110 degrees, Hingis essentially wilted away.

Fun Fact: Hingis quit tennis after she failed a drug test for cocaine. Hooray!