Friday, April 3, 2009

black is the new black

The only drawing I've been doing lately has been towards the rejuvenated Big Black story.

After my epiphany last week, I decided to pursue a more disciplined approach to this thing...I layout two pages at a time, starting from the beginning of the story, adding some slight detail along the way (the angle of certain shadows, the way the character's hand is in a certain panel, etc). Once I've laid out the entire story, I'll go back to the beginning and start in on the "real" penciling. After I've worked through the whole thing like that, I'll start back at the beginning again and ink it all.

In theory I try to do something kind of along these lines with all my stuff, but it tends to unravel at some point, to where I've got half-inked pages here, and rough layouts over there, all totally out of sequence. See, I'm not a very linear guy. But I'm making a serious effort now.

Anyways, there won't be much Black content on here for awhile, but here's a sketchbook drawing of what the 3rd panel on page 3 will look like:


Vic Sage said...

So I'm just going to assume there isn't a lot of humor in this new series.

Dax said...